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If you're stuck on what to do when you first join Points2Shop.com, you can ask any member in the shout-box for help. Also, you can go the the Points2Shop wiki, there is a lot of good, helpful information there to get you started. Make sure to read the description for an offer before attempting it, this will help ensure a better chance at getting credit. There is also a forum where you can post questions if you still have any. Once you get going on offers the points will rack up, and you can order a Free Microsoft Points Card in no time!

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STEP 1. Head over and sign up at www.Points2Shop.com. They will send you an e-mail to confirm your membership, make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it at first. Once you confirm your e-mail, Points2Shop will give you a 250 point bonus, which is the equivalent of $2.50! This bonus only applies to US and UK members.

STEP 2. Find ways to earn money towards your Free Microsoft Points. There are free offers that pay out in points or cash, (Oh wait, did you want to earn CASH instead of points? Head over to Cashle, this site pays you cash when you complete offers, and your log-in information is the same for both sites!), fun games you can play other members in to earn even more points, and a referral system where you can earn up to a dollar ($.50 when your referral confirms their e-mail, and another $.50 when your referral gets their first offer to approve) plus 15% of what they earn from doing surveys.

STEP 3. Get your Free Microsoft Points! After saving enough you can choose between a 1600 Microsoft Points Card, a 4000 Microsoft Points Card, a one month Xbox Live Gold Subscription, or a 12 month (plus one month free) Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card. Points2Shop now offers the option to have your cards e-mailed to you, or mailed to your house.